Connecting regulators with world leading expertise to assess needs and create tailored training programmes. Our programmes encompass confidential benchmarking, policy development, expert scientific advice and tools in the following areas:

  • national legislative frameworks for veterinary medicines manufacture, distribution and use
  • development of national veterinary medicines policy
  • scientific assessment and authorisation procedures for veterinary medicines
  • internal and external quality control for manufacture of veterinary medicines
  • pharmacovigilance, inspection and enforcement protocols to ensure product efficacy and control of suspect counterfeit or illegal products
  • surveillance programmes for residues of veterinary medicines or illegal substances in animals and animal products
  • laboratory analytical services – residues of veterinary medicines, medicine quality
  • antimicrobial usage (AMU) and resitance (AMR) monitoring and surveillance and response management to new or emerging resistances that present a threat to animal or public health
  • tools for continuing improvement programmes
  • costing and financial management
  • stakeholder engagement
  • development of medicines regulation IT systems