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Improving availability, safety and effectiveness of veterinary medicines

World leading expertise in delivering better regulation

Positive impact on the welfare of animals, people and our environment


To be a global partner for low and middle income countries in the provision of education, development and training for the safe, responsible and effective use of veterinary medicines and its subsequent benefit to environmental, animal and human welfare, and economic development.

Registered Charity Number: 1186100.


The appropriate worldwide regulation of veterinary medicines to ensure their responsible, safe and effective use, and consequent animal health, public health and economic benefits.

Mission statement

SMArt will positively impact on the welfare of animals, people and the environment.

Value statement

SMArt is committed to being the trusted partner in the provision of unparalleled service to our customers, built on professionalism, integrity, expertise and honesty; truly believing success only comes when we work together.


SMArt’s values are:
SERVICE: We work for the benefit of our animals, people and planet.
METHOD: We use the right processes, behaviours, tools and techniques in delivery of our propositions.
ADVISORY: We share our knowledge and skills in collaboration with others.
RELIABLE: We always deliver what we promise.
TRUST: We embody integrity and confidentiality.


SMArt is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. It is NOT a charitable arm of another organisation, it is a separate entity that can enter into contracts with its partners in its own right. As a foundation, it does not have a membership forum or member base, and therefore it’s Trustees have sole voting rights of the Foundation.

It has a governance framework and structure which oversee the charity and ensure its regulatory and legislative compliance, whilst furthering its charitable purpose.